10 essay question of marketing

Pls help me do the 10 essay questions, this is my final, I really need a A! and I need it BEFORE 12AM EST. I post the Lady Gaga and Starbucks case analysis for question 2 and 4.

1.Identify and describe 3 defining characteristics of a ‘blue ocean’ strategy. What is the relationship between the value provided by the firm and the cost savings? How does a blue company achieve value creation and cost savings while ‘red ocean’ companies seem to incur greater costs with greater value creation?

2. Discuss the hightlights of the Starbucks case. When Howard Schultz launched the Starbucks brand, who was the target market, how was Starbucks positioned and what decisions about price, product, distribution and promotion supported this positioning?

3. Suppose you are the brand manager for the Online MBA Program. Design a promotional strategy to grow the program with high potential students. Define your target market. Describe your advertising objectives, messages, and media choices. How might you use communication to build the brand.

4. Discuss the Lady Gaga case. If you were Troy Carter, which of the three touring options would you pursue for Lady Gaga? Why? Where should team Gaga focus its efforts in the future?

5. Identify the major basis of segmenting markets and provide a brief explanation of why you might use each or multiple methods. Give one example of segmenting the soft drink market.

6.Explain the concept of ‘strategic positioning’ and identify the essential elements. Discuss the positioning strategy for any brand (hint: you will need to identify the target market and competition). How does the brand utilize product/branding, value chain, pricing, promotion/advertising, Internet (direct marketing) to position the brand (relative to competition) in the identified target market?

7. Briefly explain the following ‘product’ terms: a) product mix, b) product line, c) brand elements, d) sub brands. What is the rationale for P&G utilizing ‘individual branding’ strategy for its line of detergents rather than a ‘family branding’ strategy (all detergents under one brand name with some sub brands).

8. A new sushi restaurant is targeting the ‘non-user’ for sushi product. Their communication/promotion objective is to change attitudes toward sushi. Provide suggestions regarding the use of IMC elements (sales promotion, advertising, social media, selling, PR, events) to reach and change attitudes toward sushi.

9.Why might a candy company utilize a ‘longer channel of distribution’ than a company selling restaurant equipment? Briefly describe how each company might structure its ‘go-to-market’ (distribution) strategy and provide rationale.

10.Briefly explain the following pricing strategies:



c.value pricing


Explain the relationship between pricing, volume, costs, and profits. How does Hermes and Rolex make a profit with a luxury target market?

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