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Discussion Question:

Each of us perceives “ethics” from our own point of reference as to what is or is not ethical. This assignment asks you to consider ethics and whistleblowers. Select one of the behaviors listed below for your discussion posting. Base your posting on your relationship with the “unethical person” and any risk involved in “whistle blowing”.

1. Stealing from an employer

2. Falsifying a time sheet

3. Padding an expense account

4. Falsifying any document or record

5. Lying about the conduct of a co-worker

XXX’s Post:

Padding with an expense account

Ethics are a crucial aspect of business success and it essential to manage the ethical behavior of employees on regular basis. Employees that feel grateful to be a part of the company are less likely to engage in unethical behavior. The company management can try to understand the psychology behind the unethical behavior and identify the key driving forces for it. The individual response to unethical behavior can be categorized in omnipotence, cultural numbness, and justified neglect. (Wedell, 2019) The omnipotence is when someone believes that behaving according to with ethical behavior does not apply to them and therefore they engage in unacceptable conduct. Cultural numbness is when peers play along and accept somebody’s unethical behavior as a natural. Justified neglect is when people choose to remain silent and refuse to speak up against somebody’s unethical behavior. This mostly happens in situation where a powerful party engages in unethical conduct and the weaker employees remains quite to avoid jeopardizing their relationship with them.

Padding with an expense account is a common unethical behavior challenge that companies face and that result in high expenditure. For example, employees with credit card can easily misuse the card for personal purposes without being identified. The accounts team regularly check for receipts to match and justify expenditure they receive. It can be difficult to assess if someone is overspending unnecessary for company related activities. It is in the interest of the company to minimize these frauds and they will directly impact on the profit levels. (Paeth, 2013)

Another issue is whether the employees who become aware of the misconduct do something about it. The whistleblower are people that speak up about the illegal or unethical behavior regarding their organization. They choose to expose the people internally by reporting to the supervisor, or they can use external parties to make them aware of the misconduct within the company. (Delma, 2015)


Scott R. Paeth. (2013). The Responsibility to Lie and the Obligation to Report: Bonhoeffer’s “What Does It Mean to Tell the Truth?” And the Ethics of Whistleblowing. Journal of Business Ethics, 112(4), 559. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10551-012-1557-2

Delmas, C. (2015). The Ethics of Government Whistleblowing. Social Theory & Practice, 41(1), 77. https://doi.org/10.5840/soctheorpract20154114


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