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One situation that comes to mind, while working at DSS, a daughter was being rape and molest by her father for many years, from the age of 5 to 12 years old. However, she was sworn to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone what was going on within their household. However, she blew the whistle on her father, it was later confirmed that others within the household knew what was going on but refuse to get help for the young girl. The father was the only one that was working at the time and the entire family depended on him to supply their everyday needs. In my opinion the young girl did the right thing even though it meant that her father went to prison and perhaps she suffered much anxiety and worry pertaining to her family and the decision that she made.

She has brought up an example that is encountered all too often: a family turning a blind eye to the terrible abuse or one or more members in the “interest” of “keeping the family together” or some other fear-based rationale. In Florida, where I live, all would be liable for some sort of criminal charges for not reporting abuse of a child.

For the entire class’ consideration: based on Kohlberg’s theoretical stages of moral development, in the abuse case Gail has presented, where was the perpetrator? Where were the non-reporting household members? If you respond, support your assessment. I look forward to reading your thoughts!


Sridhar, B. S., & Camburn, A. (1993). Stages of moral development of corporations: JBE JBE. Journal of Business Ethics, 12(9), 727. Retrieved from https://search-proquest-com.proxy-library.ashford….

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