30 chem problems pls help


Which type of radiation consists of a fast stream of negatively charged particles? (2 points)


When fast moving electrons are released from an atom by way of a beta particle, the atom ends up with (2 points)

one less proton and one more neutron.

one more proton and one less neutron.

the same number of protons and two more neutrons.

two more neutrons and the same number of protons.


When carbon-14 undergoes beta decay, it becomes which of the following? (2 points)

oxygen-13 + a beta particle

nitrogen-14 + a beta particle

carbon-13 + a beta particle

boron-14 + a beta particle


If a 900.0-g sample of radium-226 decays to 225.0 g of radium-226 remaining in 3,200 years, what is the half-life of radium-226? (3 points)


Radioactive elements will continue to decay until (2 points)

they have a stable nucleus.

they have a full octet of electrons.

they have a neutral electrical charge.

they have the same number of protons and electrons.


Which is true regarding the penetrating power of radiation? (2 points)

Alpha is the most penetrating.

Beta is less penetrating than alpha.

Alpha is more penetrating than gamma.

Gamma is more penetrating than beta.


Atoms with a proton to neutron ratio that falls outside of the band of stability (2 points)

are radioactive.

are chemically stable.

have a full outer electron shell.

have either a positive or negative charge.


What is a major difference between a chemical reaction and a nuclear reaction? (2 points)

Only nuclear reactions release energy.

Only chemical reactions release light.

Only chemical reactions can release gamma rays.

Only nuclear reactions can change the identity of the atom.


As of right now, which of the following forms of nuclear power is the most feasible for human use? (2 points)



gamma ray collection

nuclear propulsion


When an atom releases gamma radiation, (2 points)

the mass number decreases by one.

the atomic number decreases by one.

the mass number increases by four.

the atomic number remains the same.


Which of the following best describes used nuclear fuel rods? (2 points)

Used nuclear fuel rods are not radioactive.

Used nuclear fuel rods are useful for industry.

Used nuclear fuel rods remain radioactive for one year.

Used nuclear fuel rods are stored under very strict conditions.


Explain how a nuclear power plant functions and what safety precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of the power plant, its employees, and the environment. (3 points)


Which of these types of technologies enables us to use the Earth’s heat to produce energy? (2 points)

geothermal power

wind power

nuclear power

solar power


Which of the following is a disadvantage of using hydropower? (2 points)

The turbines can make the water too warm.

It produces waste that can be difficult to dispose of.

The amount of land needed to use it is usually too large.

Land can be flooded, displacing people and wildlife.


Nonrenewable resources include which of the following? (2 points)

coal, oil, and solar

hydroelectric, oil, and natural gas

natural gas, coal, and oil

coal, nuclear, and wind


What major greenhouse gas is a product of the combustion of fossil fuels? (2 points)


carbon monoxide

carbon dioxide

nitrogen dioxide


All of the following are common water pollutants that can be damaging to the environment except (2 points)

nitrogen from fertilizers.

carbon dioxide from combustion.

suspended solids from plowed fields.

heat from industry and power plants.


Describe two common air pollutants and discuss one way air pollution can be reduced. (3 points)


All of the following are examples of recycling except (2 points)

buying used furniture from a thrift store.

using aluminum scrap to make aluminum cans.

reusing plastic bags from the store as garbage bags.

buying compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs.


Which of the following has helped preserve resources while cutting the demand for energy? (2 points)

water treated with chlorine

energy efficient appliances

landfills rather than burning waste

legislation against the use of chlorofluorocarbons


All of the following will be damaging to the environment except (2 points)

increasing lead emissions.

pouring petroleum into steams.

adding fertilizer to stimulate aquatic plant growth.

putting research and money into renewable energy.


Identify two cost effective ways society can use to prevent further destruction of the ozone layer. Explain your answer. (3 points)


Through the collection of information and data, we know that all of the following cause negative consequences to the environment except (2 points)

oil spills.

burning fossil fuels.

exhaling carbon dioxide.

contamination of groundwater.


Which of the following is most likely to cause respiratory problems in humans? (2 points)

carbon monoxide air pollution

lead pollution in water

nitrogen oxide air pollutants

depletion of the ozone layer


All of the following are possible outcomes if waterways continue to be polluted except (2 points)

increased oxygen levels.

reduced fish respiration and plant productivity.

increased amounts of bacteria and protozoans.

increased growth of aquatic plants and algae.


Identify two sources of oil pollution. Explain how these sources directly impact the environment. (3 points)


Approximately how much of the world’s freshwater supply comes from groundwater? (2 points)






The functional purpose of the ozone layer is (2 points)

to increase the global temperature

to protect the earth from harmful UV rays

to decrease the concentration of greenhouse gases

to allow the passage of electromagnetic waves into the atmosphere


Which of the following does not contain carbon? (2 points)






What is the maximum number of covalent bonds that a carbon atom can form? (2 points)





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