5 short essay questions on american government

5 Short Essay Questions on American Government (Due within 1 hour)

Questions are on the following topics read in We The People: (The Founding, Federalism, Congress, the Judiciary, and the Executive Branch)


Question 1: The founders faced a unique opportunity to create a new government in a new land. What were the dangers of democracy they wrestled with and how did they address those challenges with the Constitutional system we have today? (clue: Federalist Papers have some of this answer).

Question 2: What is Federalism? How has federalism changed over time in America? How does it affect the making of policy?

Question 3: Why did the founders fear Congress the most? How is it structured? Why is it so slow to make new laws? What is the difference between the House and Senate?

Question 4: Where does the Judicial branch get power from in the Constitution? What is the role of our Supreme Court? How long do justices serve and how do they get that job? Should we allow cameras in the Supreme Court?

Question 5: How has the Presidency changed from the Founding era to the Modern Presidency? Where does the president look to gain additional sources of power and leverage? How can we justify the power wielded by the massive Bureaucracy?

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