6 page essay on what i want to do for a career and why lawyer

PLS 392

Summer 2019

Personal Career Statement

Purpose: Perhaps the most important key for transitioning into the job market is preparing a 3-year goal statement. By providing you the opportunity to develop a strategic vision for the early stages of your career and outline the initial steps needed for realizing your goals, this assignment seeks aid in your transition into the job market.

Please reflect on your experience (professional and personal) and write a thoughtful essay (6 pages), addressing all of the questions below. Please provide examples from your experiences to support your responses.

Please answer all of the following questions:

1. Defining your Career Motivations and Passions ( 2 pages): Thinking about your collegiate, professional, and/or personal experiences (as well as the assigned readings or lecture videos, if applicable), discuss the following questions:

a. If you could have your dream job in 3 years, what would it be? Why do you believe this job would be ideal for you? (I want to be a lawyer)

b. What motivated or influenced you to select your particular dream job?

c. What do you believe are you main career motivations in selecting your dream job (i.e.

high salary, desire to help others, job flexibility, etc.- be honest with yourself here).

2. Developing SMART Goals (1 page): Based on your ideal dream job from question

#1, do the following steps:

a. Specify the top three goals (steps along the way) that will help you reach your ideal job.

Each goal should follow the SMART goal framework. (Provided as an attachment.)

b. For each goal, discuss the purpose behind each specific goal and how it contributes to

helping you acquire your ideal job.

3. Performing a SWOT Analysis (3 pages): For each of the goals outlined in question #2,

do the following:

a. Using the SWOT template (provided as an attachment),

perform a SWOT analysis on each one of the goals outlined in question #2. You should submit three SWOT analysis worksheets, one per goal, with your assignment. The SWOT analysis worksheets do NOT count as your three pages for this section. b. For each analysis, critically discuss your findings and how you can resolve potential threats/weaknesses

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