an analysis sheet about given poems 1

Analysis Sheet

Emily Dickinson

“I heard a Fly Buzz- when I died-”

1.What is a blue fly?

2.Where is she during the poem?

3.What are the people around her doing?

“Because I could not stop for Death”

4.What stages of life does the poem take you through?

5.Who is carrying her around?

6.How is she transported, and what does she see?

“I felt a funeral, in my brain”

7.What does the poem mean by “…I dropped down, and down-“

8.Why does she feel there is a funeral in her brain?

“I’m Nobody! Who are you?”

9.Why is it better to be a nobody that a somebody?

10.Why are somebodies like frogs?

William Blake

“The Tyger”

1.How does the tyger reflect the devil?

2.Who made both?

After reading the poems, CHOOSE ONE !

1- Emily Dickinson lived a life that was very alone. Look at her poems and show how each poem reflects this perception use textual evidence, MLA formatting, and works cited. OR

2-The poems by William Blake are clearly opposites; find the differences and similarities that reflect “Heaven and Hell” in the poems. you will use textual evidence, MLA, formatting, and add a works cited

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