answer 1 question 1

Formatting is: 1” margins all around, double spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font.

It has to be one and a half page for each question. Five pages total.


You have just opened your own restaurant. You have about 60 total employees. Your assignment is to draft a “discipline” policy for your company. First, I want you research what workplace “discipline” is all about. Your book has a chapter of “termination,” but this assignment will require independent research into the broader area of “discipline.”

What should a good policy say? What should the motivation behind a policy be? Will your policy be “progressive” or will you address issues on a case-by-case basis? What steps should you take before you resort to “formal” discipline? In other words, what “informal” steps will be involved in your discipline policy? There are many issues to consider.

I want the first page of your policy to be your company’s “philosophy” on discipline…followed by at least two pages (three page minimum….but it should be more) describing how you will implement discipline if it is needed. More is better, as usual.

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