answer easy 3 psychology questions each question needs about 300 words answer

1. answer 3 psychology questions

2. each question needs about ~300 words answer

3. no introduction/ no conclusion/ no outline/ nothing else, just need to find the answer and follow the requirement to answer the question


1960s to Now

1. Discuss some of the major changes to the US family from 1960 to today.


2. There are many different ways to be a parent. Choose one of the following and discuss what we know about parenting in this way. Feel free to contribute outside research to add to the point! (CHOOSE ONE: Dual-Career Families, Divorced Families, Reconstituted Families, Gay & Lesbian Families, Grandparenting)


3.Name the four parenting styles. Provide a description for each, which allows you to distinguish each type from the others.

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