answer these questions thoroughly

read the stories on the pages below in the “Patterns” book pdf file that i attached and answer the questions below:

Tannen, pg. 423

Tecson, pg. 385

Catton, pg. 393

Grant and Lee

  • What took place at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865? Why did the meeting at Appomattox signal the closing of a “great chapter in American life.”
  • How does Robert E. Lee represent aristocracy? How does Ulysses S. Grant represent Lee’s opposite?
  • According to Catton, where is it that “the contrast between Grant and Lee becomes most striking”?
  • What similarities does Catton see between the two men?
  • Why, according to Catton, are “succeeding generations of Americans”

Sex, Lies and Conversation

  • What pattern of communication does Tannen identify at the beginning of her essay?
  • According to Tannen, what do women complain about most in their marriages?
  • What gives women the impression that men do not listen?
  • What characteristics of women’s speech do men find frustrating?
  • According to Tannen, what can men and women do to remedy the communication problems that exist in most marriages?
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