Antibiotic Resistance Discussion

Antibiotic ResistanceSome of the methods that I will recommend to resolve the issue of microbial resistance include immunization, handwashing, healthy food preparation, and antibiotic use only when necessary and as directed by the physician. Also, the avoidance of infections helps prevent the spread of resistant bacteria. There is also a need to develop new antibiotics to keep up with resistant bacteria in combination with new diagnostic tests to monitor the progress of resistance.Antibiotic resistance is often overlooked in health care and by practitioners due to the lack of knowledge on research to detect resistance during patient care and their knowledge of supportive research that supports alternative options besides the use of antibodies in every treatment plan.What is some supportive scholarly research you have found or have come across that supports your recommended options, such as hand washing, diet, etc.?1 page, good discussion reply, use at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly sources.

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