artists questions

ARTISTS: Christo and Jeanne-Claude

1.) Why do the artists want to create works of large scale—gift packages—that the public cannot miss or ignore?

2.) Should they be allowed to manipulate the natural landscape, and if they change the landscape, why have works that are ephemeral?

ARTISTS: Leonardo

1.) How does Leonardo embody the Renaissance?

2.) How do his works show his attention to form and action?

3.) What is his philosophy on art based on his creations and abilities?

ARTISTS: Andy Warhol

1.) How is Warhol two people, and why does he have two sides to his personality?

2.) How does such personality explain his description of himself as a “machine”?

3.) Why is Pop Art a fit with Warhol’s character, and what are some of the themes he chose to emphasize?

ARTISTS: Frank Lloyd Wright

1.) What are Wright’s principles for “Prairie houses”?

2.) How does Wright bring his “organic” approach to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo?

3.) What parallels can be drawn between his philosophy and science?

Topic in Art Question:

1.) Consider Censorship; When do you think it is it appropriate? Are there alternatives you could suggest?

Please answer all 12 questions above. Thanks!

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