assignment 1400

  • Find, interpret, and use various types of primary and secondary authorities and deal effectively with adverse authority.
  • Articulate knowledge skills transferred from prior research in creating a product or performance by integrating new information with previous information or knowledge that organizes the content in a manner that supports the purposes and format of the product or performance.

Point Value: 2 points

Review the following case study and answer the questions presented in Steps 1 and 2 below.

An owner abandoned his truck in an alley in Queens, New York. In spite of repeated complaints to the NYPD, the truck was allowed to remain in the alley. After several months, it was stripped of most of the parts that could be removed. Bobo Tannenbaum, age 10, was walking down the alley when the truck’s gas tank exploded. The flames from the explosion set fire to Bobo’s clothing, and he was severely burned.

Step 1. Bobo and his family have decided to sue the City of New York to recover damages for Bobo’s injuries. Using Westlaw via the Berkeley College Online Library, determine what legal theory or theories may serve as the basis of Bobo and his family’s lawsuit. List and describe the legal theories. (1 point)

Step 2. Using Westlaw via the Berkeley College College Online Library, locate a sample complaint that may be used in connection with Bobo and his family’s lawsuit against the City of New York. Attached the sample complaint to this case study. (1 point)

For best outcomes, please consult the following checklist before, during, and after preparation of your Case Study:

  • Did you review the “Case Study Grading Rubric” before, during, and after the preparation of your submission?
  • Did you properly cite your sources from the eText and/or any other relevant source in preparation your work? [Any submission that does not cite sources will receive -0- points].
  • If citing to the eText as a source, did you cite the specific page number(s)?
  • Did you include the word count of your submission at the end of your work?
  • Did you prepare your work in your own words? [Copying and pasting from the eText or any other source is not permitted.]
  • If quoting from the eText or any other sources, did you limit your quoting to only include one (1) direct quotation from that source? [No more than one quote is permitted.
  • Did you proofread your work before submission? [In addition to substance and critical analysis, your assignment will be graded for writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.]

Please keep in mind that if the above-referenced items are not strictly followed, points will be deducted from your grade for Case Study.

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