business studies 3

M1 Written Assignment: O*Net Research
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In this paper, research and analyze your position (present or past) on O*Net online (Occupational Information Network) website.

Assess the accuracy of what you actually do against the information contained on the site. Consider in your assessment:

Detailed work activities, education, work context.
What are the employment trends for the position?
Are there safety or other legal issues indicated (i.e. ability to perform in certain environments, ADA considerations, EEO or BFOQ considerations, etc.)?
Finally, briefly assess the approach to work design which was used for your job (mechanistic, motivational, biological, or perceptual) with a rationale which is based on the readings and your experience.
Your paper should be 2-4 double-spaced pages.
Your paper should address all of the questions from this assignment.
Please review the Written Assignment Evaluation Rubric in the Course Information section of this course, your work will be evaluated based on it.

textbook: human resources management, gaining a competitive advantage 10e

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