capstone class with executive brief powerpoint

In Module 7, you will be given the opportunity to post a rough draft of your PowerPoint Presentation on your suggestions for Courtelaney Pass. You will write your 6-slide PowerPoint with the Governor as your target audience. This means that your presentation should not include definitions of words or basic law-enforcement strategies as the governor would be familiar with these already.

Simply tell us about 2, perhaps 3 issues MAX that you see as a problem and discuss the solutions you propose and why you think they will work. Most of your information should come from your Executive Briefing, with some of your Issues from the first paper.

Please use your own words as much as possible! Do not cite things from your paper in your PowerPoint, as that is not necessary. This is a presentation to the governor, not a term paper for him/her to read!

Please follow the directions because I will be deducting points for every presentation with <6 or >6 slides!

You should use the references from your Literature Review paper and only those that pertain to the issues you are discussing in your slides! One or two References is fine: that is all you may need!

Here are the most important parts of this assignment:

Points will be deducted for the following items:

-10 points for any late presentations (after midnight on Friday evening)

-6 points for each page OVER 6 slides or under 6 slides!

-6 points for a missing slide (Cover slide or Reference slide)

-2, 4, or 6 points will be taken for errors with s/p/g

-6 points for each slide that does not have pictures and color: this should be on the first 5 slides (Cover slide through slide 5!)

-6 points for typing notes under the slides!

-Do NOT type anywhere in your presentation in all CAPS! -6 points for this.

***Please check the attachment to this email for a Sample Paper pictorial of how your PowerPoint Presentation should look!

You must use Microsoft PowerPoint for this project! If you do not have this on your computer, please locate a library locally where you can use their computer!

Submit your assignment as a .ppt or .pptx format (not a .ppsx!)

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