case study and summary


Read the following article

Please add Abstract ,conclusion and answer below questions

and answer the questions:

a. Who are the main competitors of Bed, Bath and Beyond?

b. What were the main blunders(big mistakes) of the company’s strategy?

c. “Coupons are less relevant in today’s world,” said Oliver Winter mantel, an analyst for Evercore. Agree or disagree with this statement? Explain.

d. What recommendations you would give to the current CEO of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

2. Summary on :

a. Above case study and below discussion topics

b. Research and report on a firm that has experienced a hostile takeover. Did the takeover work to the benefit or detriment of the firm and its employees?

c. “Licensing patented technology to a foreign competitor is likely to reduce or eliminate the firm’s competitive advantage.” True or false? Defend your answer

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