I am suppose to read this article and make comment to in several paragraphs.

so please read this and make some comments, or suggests that need to be added or is not true about Charlemagne.

 Charlemagne was often called the father of modern France, Germany, and even Europe. He actually unified Europe from western France to central Germany, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. To conquer these lands he had to personally lead these armies sharp, tactical skills. Pope Leo III recognized his leadership and defense of the Roman Catholic Church by crowning him Emperor of the Romans. Under Charlemagne’s rule, this new Holy Roman Empire became the cultural leader of Europe. 

                       Charlemagne spent most of his early years at war. He lead several campaigns to spread his territory. He eventually developed many tactics to siege warfare and the reduction of military defenses, which then led him to many victories. As he conquered many regions, he still remained a firm believer in Christianity. He forced conversion on pain of death after some of his conquests, and he maintained a strong relationship with the Roman Catholic Church. Once he became emperor, he realized that not just one person could not oversee the vast regions of this empire. He then delegated regional government administration to appointed representatives with whom he would convene each year at the capital. His form of government eventually eliminated local currencies in favor of one imperial system, which allowed for simpler trade. During his reign he also reformed the Catholic Church making aspects such as liturgy, clergy, and fundamental beliefs uniform across the land. Religion wasn’t the only thing that flourished under his rule, but it was also aspects of culture as well. He encouraged advances in architecture, the arts, and literature. He even promoted a new alphabet, the Carolingian minuscule. Which then became a basis for many future European alphabets. Overall, I do believe it was his tactful military experience and his determination to stand his ground that brought him to so much success. It was also his focus on unity and education that created less war and more peace essentially. 

                       Charlemagne’s successors indeed made a lot of mistakes here and there during their reign, but I don’tneccessarily think they were inept rulers by any means. A lot of the previous rulers before Charlemagne did  achieve a lot of good things during their reign. It was more so that the time period they were ruling was unfortunate. During this time, the alphabet and language created barriers here and there and quite frankly the empire was just too big for them to handle. Maybe it was due to the fact that there was just not enough people in the “office” to be ruling or helping making decisions. All in all, these rulers before him did have there shining moments, but it’s all really a matter of trial and error. Previous rulers also did a lot for Charlemagne as well and inspired some ideas for him I’m sure. But one that was unique about Charlemagne was most definitely his drive and passion for having unity and connection for the whole empire. Which was very unique for this day and age. 

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