choose one of the following companies microsoft xbox sony playstation or nintendo and provide a critical analysis 1

You are required to write a 3000 word report which incorporates marketing analytics and metrics learnt on the module in the following areas

1. Using relevant statistics and further supporting evidence, discuss how the competitive landscape of the industry has changed since the incumbent firms (Sega & Nintendo) dominated the global gaming industry in the 1980’s.

2. Based on the concept of ‘complementary analytics’, discuss the impact of technological developments in other industries that are having or will have an impact on the global gaming industry in the near future.

3. Choose one of the following companies: Microsoft (Xbox)), Sony (PlayStation) or Nintendo and provide a critical analysis of the following areas:

3. A) Revenue and market share performance compared to two other competitors in the video console sector.

B) Critically analyse any available metrics on brand equity performance and reputation compared to the other video console brands in recent years. This part of your answer should cover concepts such as sentiment analysis, brand performance and reputation management.

C) Critically the metrics available on your chosen company across key social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other appropriate digital channels. This should include information published on social media following, reach and engagement.

4. Based on all the aspects above, write a concluding summary outlining the areas that need to be addressed in the marketing performance of your chosen company. You are not required to make any strategic recommendations.

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