clinical project log

Begin maintaining your log in week one of the course.  All students are to keep a log of hours that are spent working with the preceptor and the implementation of their project in NRSE 4600. This log must tally a total of 21 true hours. You must account for lunch and breaks, these are not to be counted in your 21 hours (federal and state laws require that you take lunch breaks, etc).  Count the 21 hours that are actually spent working with your preceptor (seeking advice or updating them on your project) and in the research, patient contact and the implementation of your project. This log is to be uploaded by the end of week 5-or earlier if completed. Students who do not submit this form or submit the form without a total of 21 true hours or without being signed by you and the preceptor and all entries initialed by the preceptor will receive an Incomplete in this course. The time spent must be described (describe specifically how your time was spent with the preceptor, what topics you researched, how you impacted patient outcomes and what you implemented), and total time may be spent:

  • Minimum of 3 hours with preceptor
  • Maximum of 6 hours on research of topic
  • Minimum of 1-2 hours in direct patient engagement
  • 10-11 hours in implementation of your project
  • Total of 21 hours
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