cloud service management and operations

Refer to the Week 5 Required Learning Activities:

  • The Cloud Adoption Playbook, Ch. 9
  • Risk Thinking for Cloud-Based Application Services, Ch. 8
  •®: Wireframing for Product Managers.

The President and Board of Directors accept your proposal and are ready to adopt the cloud solution recommendation. You are asked to write a message for the company’s internal website to a diverse workforce announcing the new solution.

Provide the following in your announcement:

  • A brief background of the problem
  • The recommendation
  • Why the change is needed now
  • The business benefits (to employees and community)
  • An explanation of the identification of the service portfolio management and service operation management process
  • A diagram or graph illustrating the advantages and cost savings of the cloud solution (This can be done using Microsoft® Visio® or another program.)

Create your message in one of the following ways:

  • A 2- to 3-page letter to employees
  • Website (provide a 5-page wireframe)
  • For introductory information on wireframing, watch “Conceptualizing the Solution” from “Wireframing for Product Managers” by Cole Mercer from®.
  • A multimedia-rich 20-slide presentation

Note: The term “multimedia-rich” presentation typically means including several of the following: appropriate charts, diagrams, graphics, images, or video or audio samples.

Provide at least two references to support your announcement. References should be formatted according to APA guidelines.

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