compare and contrast plato and aristotle on the nature of form and matter how does aristotle reconcile platonic dualism in his view of the unification of essences within material reality

Using the text and online resources in this module, evaluate any video, and respond to one of the following focused questions in at least 500 words. (Be sure to cite online sources by author or title and date as well as Web address/URL.) Also, respond to two classmates (at least 100 words).

In your original responses, be sure to cite primary source quotations in the words of the philosophers in addition to secondary source information about their ideas.


  • Primary source: Descartes reached the conclusion, “cogito ergo sum” (Descartes).
  • Secondary source: Descartes methodological doubt led to the certainty of the mind or thinking subject. (Morgan)

Focused Questions:

  1. Compare and contrast Plato and Aristotle on the nature of form and matter. How does Aristotle reconcile Platonic dualism in his view of the unification of essences within material reality? (Use primary source quotations from both philosophers.)
  2. Explain Descartes method in his Meditations on First Philosophy. How does does his doubt lead to the certainty of “cogito ergo sum.” How did this realization lead to the mind-body problem in modern philosophy? (Use primary source quotations in your response in addition to secondary sources.)

Resources –

Metaphysics and the Nature of Reality

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