compare and contrast the pre colonial major religions and languages to the post colonial religion and languages

Objectives ï‚· Students will be able to explain the significance of precolonial Africa including the political structures, languages, and religions. ï‚· Students will examine the political structure, languages, and religions of Northern and North Eastern Africa prior to European colonization. Deadline Due by 11:59 PM on Sunday, August 9, 2015. Directions 1. In your synthesis, compare and contrast the pre-colonial major religions and languages to the post-colonial religions and languages within the following countries: a. Libya b. Egypt c. Ethiopia d. Somalia e. Algeria f. Eritrea 2. In addition, analyze and explain how colonization has impacted each of these countries differently. Requirements and Guidelines ï‚· Your synthesis must be a minimum of 3 typed pages, 12 point Arial font, double-spaced with 1 inch margins. ï‚· Your synthesis must include an analysis and interpretation of course content including textbook readings, lectures, assignments, and discussion. ï‚· You must support your analysis with supporting details, facts, and examples. ï‚· You must include documentation of where your supporting information comes from including whether your source is a primary or secondary source. Your sources may include the textbook, lectures, discussion, credible websites, or other sources.

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