complete human health and business discussions


Discussion: Stress and the Adult College Student

In a recent survey by Cengage, results showed the vast majority (79%) of adult college students say their experience in college has been “moderate,” (versus 9% who say it has been difficult), suggesting that adult learners (who began college later) may actually have an advantage over traditional students who started college right after high school.

Adult college students may have an advantage because they have had more time to learn how to manage stress. Do you agree with the results of this survey? Why or why not?(Discuss based on your own experiences as well as the available research, provide your sources in APA format).

Follow this link to take the WebMD quiz on how well you handle stress. Click on the “get started” button: Discuss your results from the survey and include this in your initial response. Contrast your survey results and research findings with those of your classmates.


In this module I would like you to consider the relationship between ethics and feelings as discussed in the background readings. After reviewing these materials, identify an ethical issue that you encountered in a business setting and discuss this in terms of how the scenario impacted you emotionally and how it might be considered from the position of intuitionism (or based on other concepts presented in the tutorial).

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