Discussion 1: Compliance 
With Educational Law and Policies

Educational leaders must comply with educational law and policies brought forth by local, state, and federal governments. Laws and policies exist for the protection and rights of both students and educators. Educational law addresses every facet of the educational system from hiring to termination practices, and to ensuring positive and effective learning within a school environment.

Failure to comply with laws and policies can lead to severe consequences, such as legal liability or lawsuits, or termination of employment. It is the responsibility of the educational leaders to ensure all laws and policies are met within their assigned building or district.

Take a moment to reflect on your current educational setting and some of the federal and state laws and policies to which leaders must adhere. Consider the ramifications if these laws and policies are not followed, and how your educational setting ensures compliance.

Post a description of a federal or state law or policy to which educators and leaders in your educational setting must adhere. Describe at least two instances of noncompliance to the law or policy and the ramifications for the educator or leader for the noncompliance. Describe the procedures currently in place to promote compliance, and suggest one additional procedure that could be added to help ensure compliance.

Note: Please use APA 6th edition format. Do not forget to list your references and you must include the in-text citations. Also please use current (meaning within the past 2 years) scholarly journal articles as references. Thanks.

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