compose an original scholarly interpretation of sophocles play oedipus the king the research topic is dramatic irony

Drawing upon scholarly research, compose an original scholarly interpretation of Sophocles’ play Oedipus the King. (The research topic is Dramatic irony).


Your research paper must be at leastsix pages minimum(Works Cited does notcount toward the six-page requirement).

The paper must be argumentative (persuasive), with a clear, explicit, and assertive thesis statement, and must use a minimum of five to seven reputable criticalor scholarlysources (books, periodicals, or online sources).

You must include at least six to eight short quotations, one long—block—quotation, and three to five paraphrased/summarized passages, and these sources must be properly documented (utilizing MLA-style citations), and integrated into your writing smoothly and correctly.

The Topic is:

* dramatic irony

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