computer security hw s 1

Hello, i have 7 hw’s due from now until the 20th.

they’re all from the book(attached) and each chapter has a certain date that it’s due, you can due all in one week, or send me each one a day before it’s due.

if you find the answers online just make sure you at least paraphrase it so it doesn’t look the same, he asked for NO PLAGIARISM.

assignment 2 will be also attached for reference on how the format should look like (name of file as well).

assignment 3 is due in 8 hours but don’t worry about it if you can’t make the deadline,

Starting with assignment 4 and up.

BOOK/assignment numbers and dates/assignment 2 will be attached.

book is: Michael Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia – Introduction to Computer Security_ Pearson New International Edition-Pearson (2014)

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