criminal justice 20 question quiz 1 question and 2 english questions 1 paragraph each and 1 paper 2 pages

-There is a lot of emphasis today on de-escalation. Is it appropriate for all encounters with people? Describe situations where it is not appropriate and situations where it is most appropriate. Out there, on the street, how is an officer to determine which situations are appropriate and which ones are not?

-Research Reports and Research Papers are assignments students usually dread. Why do you think there is so much difficulty for students with this type of assignment? Do you have any suggestions for success with these reports?

-What are some concerns or questions potential students might have that we could put in our brochure? Here is an example to get us started: One might say that potential students might be concerned about how long the program would take. This could be something we could address in the brochure and give students information on.

-Paper (2 pages)

This assignment is the “Brochure on a Major.” The lecture notes give plenty of information about this assignment and how to do it. Here are just the basics. You are going to write the copy (wording) for a brochure in your major. You do not actually have to create a brochure, you are just writing the copy. It will be 2 full pages, typed, double-spaced.

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