data driven decisions

1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Daily you make choices and decisions based on a variety of variables and data.

Discuss a recent decision you have made, explain the variable involved, and how that affected the decision you made.

Respond to the following comments:

2. For my current job, I make decisions on a daily basis based on variables and data that is presented to me. I work in field services where efficiency and quality are important and are counted in my performance review. When I first arrive to a job, I take in all the variables that first need to be done, then what can possibly cause issues, and what solutions I can make. I take all that information and decide if the work can even be performed in the first place. If the variables deem it so, I make the decision to elevate the job to a higher department and move forward without wasting any time of it. Now sometimes, i can only consider so much. Just like today, I ran into some issues that made me stay out much longer than anticipated. Even though I considered all the variables and issues, you cannot always predict the outcome of something. If I new the variables from the job today, I would have elevated it to a higher department, but instead it delayed me badly.

3.My husband and I just purchased a home. When looking at houses we had a variety of variables that we looked at when looking at properties. For example we looked at if it had a garage or not, if it had a basement, the neighborhood, the square footage of the house versus price, and how much work needed to be put into the property. When we went to the properties I kept a note pad of all of these variables to keep track of for each address. Then when we got home we put all of these variables into a spread sheet with their pros and cons as well and sorted them according to their variables to try and see what would be the best property for not only our money but also for our needs. We ended up being able to make the decision on the right property with also leaving out too much emotional feelings because we were looking at the real data. We ended up with a house with a garage, nice neighborhood, good price and size and with no major work to be done. I think that it was really helpful to have variables to look at when going into this process because it made us think about the bigger picture versus just whether we liked the property or not.

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