Should be plagiarism free. Turnitin is used to check for plagiarism. English should be top quality.

Whatever resources you use, make sure to reference them and include intext citations. 

Atleast 3 single spaced pages and ppt need on this. Templates are attached alongwith sample paper (DBO06.pdf) so you understand it well.

  • Develop an engineering economy study of a problem of interest to you. The problem may be from work or from your other interests
  • Use at least two outside references (in addition to the texts and your notes) in developing your project. One reference should be from a refereed source (conference or journal paper).
  • Use at least two techniques from the class. Example techniques:
    • Cash flow analysis (note that all cash flow analysis techniques are equivalent and count as only one method)
    • Design optimization
    • Demand curves
    • Depreciation and taxes
    • Cost estimation
    • Breakeven or sensitivity analysis
    • Probabilistic risk analysis
  • Write and submit a technical paper documenting your results using the attached template – Paper Template.doc
  • Develop and submit a Powerpoint presentation on your project using the attached template – Presentation Template.ppt

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