discuss my 6 questions separately

1.Read: 7 Weird Things Money Does to Your Brain

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Watch: “Does Monday Make You Mean, TED Talk

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discuss1: claims that money tends to make us jerky. The Corporation claims that if corporations were people, they would be ruthless sociopaths. Is this an unfair characterization given the many benefits of corporations? Can one be an ethical person within such organizations? Who is more right about money: Marx or Rand?

discuss2.Ethics of Automated Labor :When is automation beneficial for humans, and when is it not beneficial? Do employers have a moral responsibility to hire humans even if robots can do the work more effectively? Is there anything likely to stop robots from taking all jobs? Are you spending college learning skills that will be obsolete because of automated labor? To what extent can governments control the advance of automated labor? Should governments attempt to control and regulate the labor market, or should we take a more libertarian approach and let markets sort it out—even if the vast majority of humans become unemployable compared to robot labor?

discuss3. Should capitalist or socialist markets steer the future of AI? Does emerging AI strengthen capitalism or undermine it? Will China, the U.S., or some other entity have the world’s most powerful economy and military in ten to twenty years?

4.Weapons are very profitable, and increasingly powerful. Should there be any regulations on the sorts of weapons developed and sold or should, as libertarians argue, free markets sort out this issue? Can we trust corporations to properly control this technology? If these weapons should be regulated, how exactly? And how will these regulations be enforced in global conflicts?

5.Are all corporate apologies meaningless? When can apologies be meaningful in the business community? What are the worst examples you can heard? What are the best?

6.Are ethics courses like this ultimately B.S. for improving the ethical behaviors of the business community?

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