discussion 2214

For this week’s first DQ, you will be asked to do a search for a peer-reviewed ACADEMIC article related to Foreign Direct Investment. You will be asked to find two papers. One paper that discusses FDI in the U.S. and another that discusses FDI in your selected country for your country report.

To find your paper, go to http://www.googlescholar.com a search engine of your choice.

While in googlescholar.com look in the upper right corner of the page and click on the link scholar preferences. This link will take you to a cell where you can type in your library preference. Type in Montana Tech and then go down to the bottom right of the page and click save preferences.

Now, type in Foreign Direct Investment and hit search. You will have thousands of results. If you wish to narrow your results, you can do this by refining your search. Under the search bar you will see another tab where you can limit your search to articles published since a particular year. After you have found your two articles, I want you to identify the central argument in the paper. You will typically find this in the abstract. I then want you to identify this argument and identify the points the writer is making to support their argument. Take note of what the author uses to prove their point, it is another author who wrote something about the topic. Your job while writing this DQ is you cannot use any direct quotes. NO direct quotes. Your job is to paraphrase what the writer has said. Do you agree with what they said? What questions do you have about what the author said? Does the author support their argument with evidence? Is it strong enough evidence? Any surprises?

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