discussion 6 2 analyzing film 1

Write only 4 paragraphs (2 pages double-spaced), but be very specific and don’t plagiarize!

WEEK 6 DISCUSSION 6.2: Analyzing FilmDiscussion Topic

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR DISCUSSIONS: Your contributions should be thoughtful and developed. Answer all parts of the question and use concepts from the course materials. Use a professional style of communication, with attention to grammar, spelling, and typos; cite your sources. Do NOT use sources outside of the class.

AVOID the words “In my opinion,” “to me,” “I think,” “I feel” etc. State your ideas and support with information and concepts from class materials!

Write an in depth response (2-4 paragraphs) to the following question. Then, give a substantive response to at least one other student.


Read and view the material on mise en scene, Eisenstein’s montage theory, and cinematography, utilizing the Yale Film Analysis Guide and the additional resources. View Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) (link in Week 6 Content). Be sure to view the ’71 film with Gene Wilder, not the remake. In your analysis, address the mise en scene of a specific scene and include the role composition plays. Pick a scene (may be a different scene) that incorporates montage and analyze it in terms of Eisenstein’s montage theory and it’s dramatic/literary underpinnings. (Note that just because there are edits/cuts in the scene, does not necessarily make it a montage — review info on montage in Class Content). Include cinematic concepts (use of camera). Use material on film technique/terminology from Week 6 contents, and add literary terminology (week 4), dramatic elements (Intro to Theatre Week 5), or visual analysis (week 2) to provide context for the clip within the film and to support you analysis.

(Note: Be sure your focus is on analysis, not summary).

Discussion posts are due by Sunday at 11:30PM ET. Include at least one response to fellow classmates. Note: you will need to post your work first before reading/commenting on that of your classmates. You may not delete or edit posts. You may add to posts by replying to your initial post. Discussion will lock shortly after due date/time.

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