discussion question 1339

In terms of quality my expectations are simple. Responses should be well written and clearly address the issues being discussed. “Yes,” “No” or “I agree” answers will not count. Writing something brief on the due date will not allow you to score well. In order to do well on this, you need to be an active and interactive participant in the discussion, talking not only about information you’ve found yourself, but also about what other people say in the discussion. Your grade will be determined by the instructor, who will read your journal entries. Your score is based on four criteria:

  1. Your use of careful, well thought-out statements and questions. (Original contribution)
  2. The degree of your involvement in the discussion (ongoing involvement)
  3. How you integrate other people’s comments into your own findings. (Interactivity)
  4. Length of entry (1st entry – minimum four paragraphs and 16 sentences / 2nd entry – minimum two paragraphs and link to scholarly article or website)

discussion question below

In a nation striving for (screaming for, protesting for) equality for all in all aspects of daily life, should women be required to sign up for the Selective Service System?

Also, you can discuss if anyone for any reason should be exempt from serving in the military.

Before you answer this question, become informed. Follow this link to the Selective Service System website to get more information. Also, for perspective, follow this link.

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