* Note: Please answer each question thoroughly with a minimum word count of 150 or more. There are a total of 7 questions. Place answers underneath each question for easier breakdown. Use APA format for in-text citations and a reference page. Use web for research and cite references as well when used. The course material is attached if needed.  Organization is Family Dollar Stores, Inc. and the position is Assistant Manager.

The Mission is Divided into Major Goals

Major Goals are Divided into Objectives

Objectives are accomplished by Processes


Identify a process that you perform regularly to fulfill the objectives of your position. Trace and list the specific steps that make up the process below: “ your organization is Family Dollar Stores, Inc. and your position is an Assistant Manager”

1. Give the Name of your Process and give 12 steps that make up your process:

Work Process Analysis

2. Step 1 – Identify the major function of your division:

3. Step 2 – Identify the closest partner divisions and their major function:

Review the steps you listed on the Process Sequence form (#1)

and evaluate each step for any of the following actions.

4. ELIMINATE: Here, identify and list all steps that can be eliminated without reducing the overall effectiveness of the process. 

5. COMBINE: In this space, identify and list any step(s) that can be combined to improve efficiency.

6. MODIFY: In this box, identify and list any step(s) the modification of which can improve overall efficiency.

7. ADD: Finally, list and briefly describe any step the addition of which can add value to the process (i.e. enhance product quality, reduce reworks, etc.).

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