ethics case studies powerpoint

Everyone will research the following engineering disasters below and compile a poster explaining the ethical issues present.Then, you will review the posters for each of the other cases and respond with comments. You will be graded on both your poster submission and your comments about other’s posters.

Topics to be covered by your team – one topic per team member

  • Hyatt Regency Walkway Collapse – Kansas City

Then, create a poster (using a single PowerPoint slide) outlining the following items:

  • · Case study name, team member names, course information
    · What happened?
    · Who was responsible?
    · What was ethically wrong with the case?
    · What could have been handled differently?
    · What were the consequences and outcomes of the poor decisions?
    · References


Step 1 is done which is the research part

please, do step 2 which is creating the single powerpoint slide using the information from the research

a sample of how the slide should look will be be attached

just answer the questions using the research attached

this task is basically summary nothing difficult should take an hour or less

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