excel work to be completed

Starting File: Project 4 – CountyFoodInspections – Student.xlsx

The Palm Beach County Health Department has asked you to analyze data about health department inspections of a subset of establishments that serve food in Palm Beach County. Follow the steps to produce the results shown in the figures at the end of this document.


• This workbook has 3 worksheets initially – you will be adding more: the Documentation worksheet (for the history of this workbook), the Inspections worksheet, and the Reference worksheet. Be sure to work on the correct worksheet as indicated in the instructions.

• There is a large amount of data in this workbook! You may want to close most other applications while working on this project to ensure that Excel has enough memory to perform the required operations.

• You will be making copies of the different worksheet in many steps – do this by using worksheet copy features (do NOT copy and paste the data, as this may produce incorrect results later). Name the worksheets as indicated, and keep them in order of creation unless otherwise instructed.

• Be sure you know how to select just the data in an Excel table column– if you select worksheet columns instead of table columns, your resulting file may become huge in size, making it difficult or impossible to save or upload!

• Use the figures at the end of the instructions to verify your results. These figures show only a portion of the data in most cases (ragged edge indicates partial data).

• If you have any questions or problems, contact the instructor by FIU email or use the Professor’s WhatsApp chat group.

• Remember: Project work must be your own individual work – no group work allowed!

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