extra credit assignment 12

Class, here is an opportunity to earn some extra credit points in the course! Throughout the semester, I have provided information on a variety of professional certifications. Through Week 9, we have explored the following:

  • CPA: Certified Public Accountant
  • CMA: Certified Management Accountant
  • CIA: Certified Internal Auditor
  • CFE: Certified Fraud Examiner
  • EA: Enrolled Agent
  • CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst
  • CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor
  • CFP: Certified Financial Planner
  • CVA: Certified Valuation Analyst

For this Extra Credit Assignment, I would like for you to do the following:

Select one of the certifications listed above and pretend that you’ve decided to pursue the designation.

*Note: If you would like to select a different professional designation such as one related to IT, economics, etc., please feel free to do that.

Address the following questions:

  1. Why did you select the specific certification?
  2. How will the designation help you in your current role or help you to advance in your field?
  3. What approach will you use to study and prepare for the exam?
  4. What other qualifications or requirements must be met in addition to passing the exam? How do you plan to meet those requirements?

*This Extra Credit Assignment is worth 20 points! In order to earn those points, your submission must be at least 350 words and completely original (no copy & paste from external websites).

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