fact sheet about the social issue poverty

For this project, you will do some additional research on your topic, finding EXPERT sources to establish your ethos (scholarly journals respected organizations, government agencies, books by noted professioals), thus shedding a new, more factual light on the social issue(poverty) of your choice. You can format the Fact Sheet any way you’d like. However, you do need to use footnotes . You can use subheadings to separate your facts,a T-chart to compare two different ideas about your social issue, a flow chart,any format that you think will be most effective in conveying your argument.

Criteria for this project:

1-2 page Fact Sheet , at least 6 professional sources, reports on your social issue (poverty).

uses text written in columns, pictures, graphs, boxes, etc.,

carefully employs elements of visual design (such as colors, fonts, etc.), and uses Chicago Style Footn

otes to Cite ANY Fact Idea Data Opinion Concepts

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