family dynamics in substance abuse 9

Please do not Bid unless you have the textbook: The Alcoholoic Family In Recovery. Stephanie Brown? Virginia Lewis


Objective 2: Examine how children relate to their parents through the changing stages.

  • Each stage has included material specific to the children of families in treatment. While great strides are often taken in the Early Recovery stage, there are many circumstances in which this stage is even more chaotic for children than previous stages. This is complicated by the fact that others assume that recovery always makes things easier on the family involved which is often not the case until the Ongoing Recovery stage.

Learning Activity #3: Impact on Children Response


  • Read Chapter 11 in your textbook by Brown & Lewis.


  • Create a one-page chart that summarizes possible experiences and adjustments of children during each stage of recovery.


  • APA formatting is only required for citing sources and references.

Objective 4: Contrast family communication patterns throughout the stages of recovery.

This course has now presented material on assessment and the stages of recovery. Family patterns of communication vary greatly throughout the process.

Learning Activity #5: Communication Patterns Paper

o Write a 4-5 page paper summarizing each of the four stages paying particular attention to how communication patterns change within the family during each stage.

  • Ensure that you have cited and referenced at least two scholarly sources.
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