final project submission personal financial plan

Your final project is a completed personal financial plan that integrates your previous financial plan submissions from Modules Three and Five, as well as retirement planning and funding of your needs through investments in mutual funds or equities. This last assignment requires you to once again revise your personal financial plan to reflect your cumulative learning in the course.

Now that you have expanded your knowledge regarding long-term, asset purchase planning and short-term planning, as well as retirement planning, do you have any concerns regarding health? How would these change your financial plan?

Worksheet for Funding Your Retirement Needs: Complete the attached spreadsheet (s) (which accompany your learning resource). The first entails planning for retirement. You will likely identify a gap between your personal financial goals for a home, vehicle, and retirement planning versus the availability of your present resources. The objective is to develop an investment strategy, as a suggestion, with stocks of your choosing and/or mutual funds that support your future financial needs.

Develop stock investment portfolio: Select five key stocks and determine their expected return from Presume you would invest 20% equally in these stocks and average the return. Calculate how much you would have to deposit each year until retirement to fund all of your initiatives assuming the rate of return on these equities is constant.

Review the amount you currently are able to set aside for this purpose. If you still identify a gap, identify how you will mitigate that risk of realizing the appropriate amount of wealth to support your personal initiatives and expectations. Propose a plan and describe your personal alternatives for bridging this gap.

Submit the completed spreadsheets to your instructor. In the Your Personal Financial Goals Worksheet, summarize and describe your intentions. Mention each spreadsheet, specifically, and indicate how the purchase of these new assets and investments will affect your prior plan submitted during Modules Three and Five. Describe your opportunities and challenges. Will you have to make changes? Indicate how you might revise your plans.

Note: If you do not wish to disclose personal financial information to your instructor, please note to change your information or provide an alternative name with the information realistically portrayed. In doing so, the experience of preparing a financial plan for another individual will prepare you to accurately complete your own plan when you are ready. Also, do not disclose the information of an individual other than yourself; remember to keep private information private.

For additional details, please refer to the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document.

I will upload the worksheets and spreadsheets required for the assignment. For my details, you can use my income of $58000 a year. I will also include an announcement my professor posted with more clear instructions so we can ensure we are submitting what we need to.

please ask any questions regarding this assignment so we can succeed.

Worksheet 1, 4, 5 and 11 has been completed in a previous assignment so that is done… So you would only complete about half of the required worksheets… which will be attached seperately. I will attached the completed ones now and the uncompleted ones after acceptance to avoid confusion

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