formulating research questions part 2


Thank you for providing your two research questions. can you also address the other questions as well.

How does your questions do the following?

  1. Contribute to development of new knowledge for social work
  2. Lead to more effective practice interventions
  3. Lead to social change
  4. Be useful to other researchers

Finally, explain the criteria you used to decide which sources of information should be included. Please use the resources to support your answer.

Can you address the following 4 areas in detail thank you!

I need to you incorporate this information provide in the initial below.

he first potential research question that is related to the sessions episode is: To what extent is alcohol deliberately used to render rape victims more vulnerable to attack? (Laureate Education, 2013).

The second research question is: What ways do rapists use to identify likely rape victims? (Laureate Education, 2013). It is noteworthy that both these questions are about revealing the true character of rapists and what they use to identify, test potential victim boundaries and attack their victims (Lisak, 2002; Lisak, 2011).

Research on the two questions will undoubtedly contribute to the development of new knowledge for social work in that social workers will have the required qualitative data on the extent of the use of alcohol use by rapists to make victims vulnerable and the ways they use to identify likely rape victims. As such, it will be easier for social workers to educate the victims and the public at large on what to look out for when identifying sexual predators hence ultimately contribute to the alleviation of rape incidents. This definitely translates to more effective interventions as they will be backed by research hence evidence-based.

The questions will also result in a positive social change. For instance, once the extent of alcohol use on victims is determined, most people will be keen each time they are offered a drink and will be woke anytime they are offered alcohol in compromising situations. As for the identification of ways through which rapists identify rape victims, the community will be made informed on how to define their boundaries and the impressions to give in order to maintain safety at all times. The information obtained in the research in a bid to answer the two questions will also be useful to other researchers as they can, for instance, expound on the identified ways that rapists use to identify their victims in terms of unveiling the instances by which specific ways are used hence providing further knowledge for use by social workers and the society as a whole. Additionally, researchers can also identify the boundaries that individuals can put in place to keep off undetected rapists and other sexual predators. The criteria used to identify information sources were simple. After watching the session’s first episode, I searched for Lisak’s journal articles on the undetected rapist and predatory nature; then I selected two for review and use.


Laureate Education (Producer). (2013). Johnson family (Episode 1) [Video file]. In Sessions. Retrieved from

Lisak, D. (2002). The Undetected Rapist. University of Massachusetts, Boston

Lisak, D. (2011). Understanding the predatory nature of sexual violence. Sexual Assault Report, 14(4), 49-57.

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