functions of retail management 3

1 Executive Summary

Provide a comprehensive summary of the following

topics highlighting only the key points, should not be

more than one page:

  • Review of retailer’s retail strategy
  • Conclusion (agreements/ disagreements or
  • similarities/ differences)

  • Recommendations (3 areas of improvement)
  • Q(2) Retail format of Starbucks (10 marks)
  • Discuss two (2) contemporary retail trends of
    Starbucks New Zealand based on any of the followingretail mix strategies:
    • Store design
    • Visual merchandising
  • (3) Technology-empowered customers
    Analyse two (2) benefits and two (2) challenges facing
    Starbucks from technology-empowered customers.
  • Q4 .Provide an overall summary based on Starbucks retail strategy and their plans to satisfy the New Zealand
    target market needs in terms of:
    • Customer communication
    • Contemporary retail trends
    • Technology-empowered customers.


    Due to rapid adoption of new technologies, today’s
    customer is empowered to be “always connected”.
    Recommend three (3) areas of improvement to
    Starbucks to enhance customer communication by
    incorporating contemporary retail trends for the
    technology-empowered customers in New Zealand.
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