1. Find an online example of an individual or group being labeled “fundamentalist” in a mainstream media source: in an NY Timesstory, or by a commentator on CNN, etc. Post a link to that source.
  2. Given the context in which it occurs, describe why the author/speaker of this source uses the word “fundamentalist” in their piece.
  3. Do 10 minutes of internet research on the individual/group labeled as “fundamentalist” in the source you found.  Briefly summarize who they are today, what their background is, and what their stated goals (if any) are.
  4. Which of Ruthven’s “family resemblances” of fundamentalism (traditionalist struggles with difference, doctrines of textual inerrancy, control of women as a visual boundary of group identity) does this group exhibit, if any? 
  5. You may also find an example in which someone or a group is opposing or fighting against fundamentalism (using strategies that you read about in Bennoune’s book). 
  6. In your opinion, is the source’s use of the word “fundamentalist” to describe this group/individual appropriate? Is the group or the individual’s fight against fundamentalism effective, why or why not? 

200-300 words.
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