greatsite is a small software development company

GreatSite is a small software development company in Shinas. It develops customized personal websites which
are simple and user friendly to provide their clients with the online presence they want. The owner of the
company wants to allow their clients to order a website online to make the transactions convenient for them,
and for the company to reach more clients. In this regard, you are tasked to develop a simple ordering system
for the company.
The application will have two users: the administrator and the client.
The administrator will have a page where the following can be done:
a. log-in;
b. view the menu page;
c. view the list of orders;
-List of Orders where the order status is “For Processing”;
-List of Orders where the order status is “Paid”; at the end of the list, the grand total for the total fee
should be shown.
d. update the order status;
The order status will be changed to “Paid” once the client sends a proof of payment.
e. log-out
The client will have a page to do the following:
a. register;
The client should provide the following data during the registration: passport number, name, mobile
number, email address, and password. These data should be saved in the database and can be edited
by the client anytime.
b. log-in;
c. view his/her menu page;
d. order a website;
 The client can select from the following packages:
Package Basic Fee
Bronze 200 OMR
Silver 300 OMR
Gold 500 OMR
 After specifying the package, the application will automatically show the total fee which is
computed as: basic fee + admin charge + tax. The admin charge is 10 OMR and the tax is 10%
of the basic fee.
 The order status will also be set to “For Processing” and the order date should set based on
the system date.
 A page to show the order details like customer info, order date, breakdown of fees, and order
status will be displayed. The bank account details where the client deposits the payment
should also be shown.
 The order details should be saved to the database.
e. view, edit, and delete his/her order
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The order can only be edited or deleted if the order status is still “For Processing”.
f. Log-out

* it must be use the

1-netbean 8.2


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