help write a persuasive essay e government

For this assignment… the student will present a thoughtful and persuasive philosophical and, when possible, empirical argument which addresses the following line of inquiry:

What is the proper role(s) of government with regards to (choose from the topics below) .

  • Regulating cyberspace for business.
  • Collection and governance of digital data of individual citizens
  • The use of identity systems by the national government
  • Social control and data surveillance by government and private entities

The student will need to justify their argument and to aid in that justification should consider and address w hat the proper role of government is as it relates to issues of technology, crime, justice… rule of law, liberties and freedoms, safety and security, and any other concepts which are relevant. Students are encouraged to draw on the policies of existing governments (e.g. U.S., European Union, China, Russia, other) to illustrate the points that they want to make.

There are many paths one can take and no single one is correct. Students in the past have addressed this by looking at proposed FCC (Federal Communications Commission, a regulatory agency of the U.S. Federal Government) regulations and guidelines related to the issue of net neutrality. Others have explored the role of national databases from their country- or specific uses of data collection systems from their country or government. What is important is that the student explore this topic in such a way so that they can think and write intelligently on it as it relates to a sub-topic or theme that is of interest to themselves. This statement and the directions are open to (responsible) interpretation. Students have permission to be creative

Min length: 1500 words

Max length: 2000 words

Please properly cite any source material(s) using APA. Length does not include bibliography or footnotes.

An outline is provided as a means to help the student organize the paper for this assignment.

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