SUMMARIZE EVERITHING IN MATERNITY/ OB, PATHOPHISIOLOGY SIGNS AND SYPMTOMS, INTERVENTION AND PATIENT TEACHING1. Menstrual Cycle (How long, when is ovulation, temperature)2. Amniotic Fluid (Function, index)3. Fetal circulation (Umbilicus, Ductus Arteriosus)4. Nagele’s Rule5. GTPAL6. Presumptive, Probable, Positive Pregnancy signs7. Fundal Height landmarks (12, 16, 22, 36, 40 weeks of gestation)8. Linea Nigra, Lordosis9. Folic Acid, Listeria Monocytogens, Kcal during breastfeeding, lbs to gain during pregnancy10. TORCH11. Coomb’s Test, Dipstick, Biophysical Profile, Percutaneous umbilical sampling, Alpha Feto Protein, Amniocintesis12. Nonstress (Reactive, Nonreactive), Stress test (Positive or Negative)13. Types of Abortions14. Chorioamnionitis15. Diabetes Mellitus/Gestational Diabetes16. Disseminated Intravascular coagulation17. Ectopic Pregnancy18. Hematoma19. HIV/Hep B20. Fetal Death in uterus21. Hyditiform Mole22. Hyperemesis Gravidarum23. Gestational Hypertension24. Preeclampsia/Eclampsia/ HELLP Syndrome25. Tuberculosis26. 4 P’s (Process of Labor)27. Fetal Positions (where to detect the HR?)28. Leopold’s Maneuver29. True/False labor30. Mechanisms of Labor31. Stages of Labor, (Stations, Dilation, Effacement)32. Premature Rapture of Membranes33. Prolapsed Umbilical Cord34. Placenta Previa35. Abroptio Placenta36. Supine Hypotension37. Dystocia38. Rapture of the Uterus39. Uterine Inversion40. Lochias41. Breast-Feeding Procedure42. Uterine Atony43. Breast Engorgement44. Mastitis45. Involution vs. Sub-involution46. Perinatal Loss (Interventions, grieving process)Pharmacology1. Tocolytics (Indomethacin, Nifedipine, Terbutaline)2. Magnesium Sulfate (Eclampsia, Antidote, can also be used as tocolytic)3. Betamethasone/Dexamethasone4. Misoprostol5. Oxytocin6. Methylergonovine7. Hemabate

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