homework question 33

This week’s forum is about choosing a research topic and then a research question. After completing the readings please use the guidance on selecting a research topic and the developing a question to help you addressing the following assignment:

Identify 5 different research topics that interest you in the field of homeland security. Please list them in this forum.

1. Transportation Security

2.Border Security

3.International Engagement

4.Preventing Terrorism


Also, for each please explain why the topic interests you. If you were to set out to write a research paper on the topic what would you hope to learn?

Also, to earn maximum points in this Forum you need to post your main response and respond to at least two other student’s listings, find topics that are also of interest to you and evaluate whether the topics, as they are written, are sufficient for writing a research question (the question comes after identifying the topic). What more needs to be done to take a research topic to a research question.

If you have any questions please ask them in the forum!



Student responses

Student #1 Benny

Homeland Security is a vast field with many different agencies. There are various issues that affect homeland security such as immigration, terrorism, cyber-attacks, infrastructure and economic relations with other Nations. Homeland security is a field where subject matter experts work together in dealing with issues, because working together establishes a comprehensive approach to incident management. Topics that interest me in the field of homeland security are:

1. What led to the creation of the department of homeland security? I will start with this to first understand the reason for this department. Understanding the core reason will provide a pathway in moving forward.

2. How does immigration affect homeland security, and to what extent does migration affects the economy? Border security is a huge political debate throughout our country. What I will like to understand is what the effects border security has or going to have on homeland security, because the focus has been on illegal immigration.

3. Protecting this country from terrorist attacks is a function of the Department of homeland security. Because this a top priority, my next question is; how does terrorist attacks including homegrown terrorism affects homeland security?

4. What sectors are considered critical infrastructure? Also, what security measures would improve critical infrastructure security? There are 16 critical infrastructure sectors considered vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have debilitating effects on security. I will like to know why these sectors are consider critical and what security measures are put in place to protect them. This potential critical infrastructure may only need to be considered as such due to second and third order effects that may ultimately affect homeland security.

5. What effects does cyber-attacks have on national security and what measures are in place in preventing them? I my previous course, I learn about the importance of cyber security. As we become more dependent on technology, we are more valuable to cyber attacks such as phishing and breaches. Having cybersecurity capabilities are critical to safeguarding cyberspace.


Critical Infrastructure Sectors. (2019, March 03). Retrieved June 9, 2019, from https://www.dhs.gov/cisa/critical-infrastructure-s…

Student #2 Salinardi

Hello to All,

Here are five research topics that are of interest to me. All of these topics as they are listed are far too broad for a single research project, but you have to start somewhere to come up with a specific research topic and question.

  1. Terrorism. Terrorism is an ongoing threat. We have all felt its repercussions either directly or indirectly. Terrorism is interesting to me because I want to better understand how we can prepare ourselves for future attacks. I do not believe we can stop people from committing these atrocities altogether, but I do believe we can be more prepared to deal with them by learning from past occurrences. The topic of terrorism is obviously too broad to cover in a single study, so I would likely delve into an area such as domestic terrorism. By narrowing the topic to occurrences that originated in the US, I think I would be able to ask a more focused research question. I could narrow the topic even more by addressing a specific attack such as the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995.
  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction. I am interested in WMD’s because I am currently in a career field in which I train to respond to these devices. The nature of a WMD can be chemical, biological, radiological, explosive, or a combination of these. WMD’s may be used to target large amounts of people, critical infrastructure, or the environment. My question for a topic relating to WMD’s would most likely address the long term effects of a radiological device. For a question like this, I would have to specifically define the attack itself, but my goal would be to gauge the effects of such an attack on the environment, community, and economy.
  1. Human Trafficking. Human trafficking seems to be a crime that is hidden from the general public. Although trafficking is not easily identified by the public, that does not make it any less prevalent. I am interested in human trafficking because I do not know much about it and would like to become more knowledgeable on how to identify a trafficking situation. For this topic, a research question may be focused on how increased public awareness of the issue would affect the success of traffickers. The hardest part of this research would be quantifying trafficking success in any given area.
  1. Transportation Security. I am not doubting that TSA is good at preventing passengers from boarding aircraft with items such as unauthorized guns or explosives. However, I know that no matter how good a system is, there is always a degree of error. I would like to find if the degree of error at a small regional airport is any different than that of a large international airport. Although TSA training is centralized and therefore the degree of human error should be similar among all airports, I am still curious as to whether or not some airport TSA checkpoints are more successful than others. This study would require the comparison of at least two airports’ security testing results. If there is a significant difference in the effectiveness of TSA at different airports, what could be the cause?
  1. Cybersecurity. We live in a digital world. Nearly everyone nowadays carries around at least one device, thus creating a digital identity. Advances in technology seem to be pushing us towards a reality were everything is connected in a grand “internet of things.” The topic I would like to address is focused on how government cybersecurity will evolve to meet the demands of an increasingly complex digital world. With this study, I would like to learn more about cybersecurity in general and what weaknesses there are in government security systems.
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