Deliverable length: Memo (1–2 pages)

Course Objective(s):

  • Define marketing
  • Contrast service marketing against traditional marketing
  • Identify the “4 P’s” of the Marketing Mix


NOTE: For this assignment, use Microsoft Word and go to the Templates section to find a sample memo that you can create. You can also search for Microsoft Word Memos online.

  • Locate an online promotion or ad for a hotel company.
  • Provide the link to the promotion on your References page.
  • Complete a 1-page memo to the hotel manager as if you are a marketing company, and provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the promotional ad. Items to consider are as follows:
    • Wording
    • Pictures
    • Formatting
    • Font
    • Colors

Please submit your assignment.

You will be graded on the following:

Individual Project Grading Rubric

Format: Adherence to deliverable length, proper grammar, and APA format.


Content: Content meets requirements and is an obvious response to the assignment details.


Support: Ideas are supported with examples and evidence.


Knowledge: A clear understanding of course material is demonstrated.


Accuracy: Information is accurate with no factual errors.


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