how do different examples in this set work compare and contrast 2 or 3

I need this paper for my online discussion post for technical communication course. I ordered two pages and there is going to be two different parts. The first part (250 or more words) I will use it as my first discussion post and the second part which analyses and answers a different question (250 or more words) I will use it for my second post.

For the first part, what you need to do is first choose two examples from technical communication articles set about photography that I listed below:

  1. “Basics of Photography: Your Camera’s Manual Settings”
  2. Night Photography
  3. Kennedy Space Center: Decision on Photographic Requirements Appears Justified
  4. “Request for Proposals — Photography Services for the National Association of Black Accountants, Inc.”
  5. Camera
  6. Fuji X100T
  7. “Field Test: Fujifilim’s X100T Is the Most Amazing Camera I’d Never Buy”
  8. Capturing Light: The Science of Photography
  9. “Fujifilm X100T Hands-On Review”
  10. “Pinhole Camera”
  11. Request for Proposal: Photography and Videography
  12. “Making the Most of Your Photos”
  13. “How to Understand the Science of Photography and Technical Terms for Mastering Image Tonality”
  14. Tilt Shift
  15. Kid Stuff: See Yourself Camera
  16. Manual Photography Cheat Sheet
  17. “5 Best Laptops for Photography”

Then, you can start writing. The first part has to answer the question how do the two examples that you chose in this set work differ in terms of technical writing or communication? Compare and contrast the two. Remember that it has to be an analysis and to be able to do that check the pages below from the textbook that I’m going upload. (It is reallyimportant). Additionally, it also really important to support your analysis with 1 or 2 screenshots of the examples you are discussing from

the articles.( you can just analyze and then say check screenshot…below and then put the screenshots at the end. )

“Document Design Checklist” (T&D pp. 108-09), “Style Checklist” (T&D p. 74), “Illustration Checklist” (p. 144), “Planning and Revising Checklist” (T&D p. 33), “The Qualities of Good Technical Writing” (T&D p. 8)

Finally, I want to you to remember to be specific. The purpose is to show how a text works. don’t just describe. For example you cam show language choices, design features, evidence of the audience(s) for the document, etc. at work so that the reader know exactly what features of the document you are talking about.

After you’re done with the first part, the second one is an analysis too. Everything I talked about the first part apply to this one as well (do not forget screenshots of the examples you are discussing from the article). The only difference is for the second one, you will need to choose another article ( one only) from the list above and working from the macro and micro elements discussed at the end of the Week 1 Wrap Up(it’s just one slide listing macro and micro elements that I’m going to upload) identify the work that a specific example is doing. Remember to not simply describe but to analyze the function of different elements in an example on this second part as well. I will also upload an example of a discussion for the second part to kind of give you an idea (Please check it out).

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