human sexuality writing assignment 4

For the following questions, you are required to thoroughly answer the reflection questions below and clearly connect the information to the learning objectives. The summaries should show critical analysis and synthesis of the information in a way that demonstrates good understanding of the material presented. Each question should be 5 paragraphs (containing a minimum of 4-6 sentences each) in length. So around 15 paragraphs total, and they should be written in correct APA style. Please use your own words and use in-text citation when you cite any sources.

Question 1

1. After reading the chapter 10 (in the attachment) on birth control and abortion, and viewing the videos on birth control methods, list at least 3 types of contraception that were presented, and discuss which, if any, you would prefer to use to prevent an unwanted pregnancy or the prevention of an STI.

2. Describe your thoughts and feelings related to abortion legislation issues in American society today. Are you able to find merit in an opposing viewpoint? Discuss why or why not.

Question #2

After viewing the videos and reading the chapter 8 (pp.256 – pp.293), analyze and discuss the following question:

Using Sternberg’s triangular theory of love, identify one significant past or a current relationship and draw triangles for yourself and your partner. Compare the components of each. Have you coupled with someone who shares the same view of love as you? Why or why not is/was this person your “ideal match”? What characteristics in a relationship are important to you?

Question #3

Reading the textbook in the attachment (Chapter 9), then answer the following “Think Critically” questions:

1. If you know people who have hooked up or engaged in “friends with benefits” behavior, have they talked about it positively or negatively?

2. Have you ever participated in casual sex with a partner as described on page 262? If so, did you have similar experiences as found in the research studies reported there?

3. Is casual sex more socially accepted for males than females?

4. Do you think that hooking up or “friends with benefits” relationships have replaced traditional dating on your college campus? If so, is that a good or bad outcome?

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